Custom Wall Graphics for Business

Instantly Make Over Your Office With Adhesive Wall Graphics

A University of Oxford study found that happier employees are 13% more productive. With your employees spending upwards of eight hours a day during the workweek at your office, it’s no surprise that office decor can impact their happiness.

Making your workplace seem fresher and more inviting can boost productivity. Find out how easy-to-install wall graphics let you makeover your office without breaking the bank or disrupting work.

Learn six ways to transform your office in minutes (without risking your security deposit).

1. Say Goodbye to Boring Beige.

Why is it that so many office spaces in San Antonio come with “washed out white” and “boring beige” walls? If colors could talk, these colors would probably lull you and your employees to sleep.

Use large wall wraps to ‘repaint’ your office. You can choose any color, pattern, or graphic you want for your wraps. Installing your wall wraps is not so different from installing a decal, which means they can be put up in minutes.

2. Your Social Media Is Interesting…Use It to Your Advantage.

Your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts are where all of the action is happening. If you’re looking for trendy wall decals, the latest photos of your team, or positive comments from customers, your social media handles are where you can find all this information.

Drawing inspiration from your social media feeds is a great way to transform long corridors into an exciting showcase. Display photos, notable posts, promote company hashtags, and more with your graphics.

3. Display Inspirational Quotes.

Yes, this idea is a little overdone, however, quotes are a great way to motivate your team. Famous sayings and HR-friendly quotes are traditional ideas that you can implement; but if you’re looking to spice up your ambiance, why not make a ‘jokes wall’ or a wall with ‘interesting things customers say.’

4. Rembrandts Cost Millions, Wall Decals Do Not.

Corporate artwork has long been a favorite of business owners – too bad it’s so expensive! With vinyl wall murals, you too can add artwork to your office. It’s really simple:

  • Find portraits and pieces of art that you like and have the copyrights to (or commission someone you know).
  • Send the design to us to print it (complete with the frame look).
  • Install wall decals in your lobby, waiting room, or other rooms.

5. Show Your Company’s History, Awards, and Timeline.

Plaques and trophies are hard to come by in this digital age since many business awards are ‘badges’ or ‘A+’ ratings. This makes it difficult to showcase your company’s achievements.

Wall signs allow you to display the awards and accolades your company has received. Businesses also use signs to visualize their business’s timeline to showcase their history.

6. Transform Your Conference Room.

Conference rooms can become cold, bland spaces, that usually consist of a projector hanging off the ceiling, whiteboards, and speakerphones. Wall graphics are also an excellent option for branding your workspace and making your conference rooms seem more professional. Use wall murals as ice breakers or make a bold impression on your visitors.

Breathe New Life into Your Space with Wall Wraps.

Are you looking for ideas? Talk to experienced signage professional about wall graphics in San Antonio today. We help businesses like yours create the perfect branded workspace, install eye-catching graphics, and so much more.

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