Yard Signs

Studies show that 80% of customers buy products or services within 20 miles of their home. This means people walking or driving by your location are potential customers of your business. Get noticed from the curb with an eye-catching custom yard sign.

These custom signs are a convenient way to get noticed in San Antonio. If you need a quick and easy sign that provides great results, these are an excellent choice.

Eye-Catching Lawn Signs in San Antonio

Also called lawn signs or bandit signs, these are typically made of corrugated plastic held up by wire stakes. They are usually mounted on the ground and placed on sidewalks, yards, and roadsides.

These signs are made of lightweight, weather-resistant materials. This makes them the perfect sign for outdoor use.

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Why Choose Bandit Signs in San Antonio?

Yard or bandit signs are useful sign options due to their many types and uses. If you want to get noticed by your local market in San Antonio, these are the way to go. They are hard to miss by anyone walking or driving past them.

One of the best reasons to get yard signage is its convenience. It’s easy to produce and quick to install. The cost of yard signs is also minimal, which means you can get multiple signs to promote your business. If you need a simple yet effective sign solution, this is a great choice.

Types of Yard Signs

  1. Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs– these are the most popular choice. Corrugated signs are easy to print and perfect for short-term use.
  2. Political Signs – typically made of corrugated plastic, these signs are often seen in the front lawns of neighborhoods during election season.
  3. Real Estate Signs – these usually are vertical signs made of aluminum. These H-frame signs are sturdier and more weather-resistant.
  4. Lawn Greetings – these are typically used to celebrate special occasions. Graduation and birthday yard signsare popular around neighborhoods in San Antonio.

Uses of Yard Signs

Promote your business : Custom bandit signs are a great way to promote your business. You can have your company name and logo printed on your sign. These can also be made using your brand colors. It is a great way to build familiarity for your brand and tell potential customers about your business.

Convey important messages : Quick and easy yard sign printing in San Antonio makes a great messaging tool. You can easily spread the word about your products using these signs. These are also ideal for promoting ongoing deals and events to drive in more foot traffic.

Celebrate occasions : Custom lawn signs are getting more popularly used to celebrate special occasions. Households are putting banners and yard sign letters on their front lawns to let neighbors know someone is celebrating their birthday or graduation.

High-Quality Yard Signs “Near Me”

Are you looking for a fast and simple sign solution for an upcoming opening or event? Texas Best Signs is your trusted yard sign company in San Antonio. We make high-quality signs that are sure to get the attention of your target customers.

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frequently asked questions

The signs in your yard should be 12-18 inches off the ground to ensure stability. You should make sure that they are facing the direction of incoming traffic for better visibility. It’s better to get it as close to the road as possible while ensuring you are following local laws.

Typically, the resolution of your yard signs depends on their size. A typical yard sign’s size is about 24×18 inches. The best resolution for this size is 75 PPI (pixels per inch) or 1,200 x 1800 pixels. This has an effective viewing distance of about 10 – 35 ft.

Yes, yard signs are very effective for business. They can serve plenty of purposes, from marketing, branding, and more. Yard signs are mounted on the ground, making them visible to anyone walking or driving by. They are the perfect sign when you want a quick and affordable way to promote your business.

There are various ways you can install a yard sign on frozen ground. The first thing to remember is that the ground will be hard. You have to drill the ground to sink the wire stakes into them. You drill a hole about 6 inches down, one for each wire stake.

The cost of yard signs depends largely on the size of the sign and the number of signs you get. Most sign companies would offer different rates, especially for bulk orders.

Getting prints on one side or two sides also affects the cost. Get a free quote by contacting us today.