Wall Graphic Ideas Will Bring Life to Your Empty Office Walls

How your office interior looks affects the type of environment you have. An unpleasant workspace can affect your team’s mood and productivity. A quick and easy way to uplift your indoor spaces is through impactful wall murals.

Elevate Your Space with Wall Signs

Murals are printed vinyl adhesives that can be applied to your wall spaces. These are digitally printed, giving you limitless design possibilities. It is one of the most effective ways to liven up your office space in San Antonio, TX.

With an endless amount of design options and capabilities, which one is right for your business? View some of the ideas below that will bring life to your empty office walls.

Branding using wall decals

Branding is one of the ways your company can stand out. A creative display of your brand inside your space improves awareness and recognition for your business.

This can be done through simple wall graphics with your company name and logo. Or better yet, impress your customers and employees with a floor-to-ceiling display of your brand.

A collection of company photos

Use your empty wall spaces to show appreciation to your team. This can be done through a collection of photos of your team. Since wall wraps are digitally printed, you can put up photos of employees at work or during company events.

Cityscape wall murals

The city you are in is very much a part of your brand. Use your walls to highlight key city locations to show off your local pride. Take it to the next level! Do a custom or graphic wall design of San Antonio, TX skyscrapers instead of an actual photo.

Map of your city, state, country, or the world

Does your business operate in more than one location? Are you found in different cities or states around the globe? Another way to liven up your space is through a map display. Instead of a regular map, you can add pins to the different locations of your business.

Typography wall signs

Wall designs are not just limited to graphics and images. Another unique idea is adding text to your wall spaces. This can be in the form of an inspirational quote to motivate your employees. You can also add a collection of words that inspires productivity and a positive atmosphere. Your company’s mission and vision can also be a great example.

Wall wraps with your company’s mission and vision.

Your company’s mission and vision best represent your goals and beliefs. This can be a daily motivational reminder for employees about who and what goals they are working for. Furthermore, it fosters a sense of teamwork, knowing that everyone is working in collaboration to achieve an equal end-in-mind.

A Full-Service Wall Decals and Murals Company

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We choose high-quality vinyl material and use advanced technology to create your signs. This ensures they come out vibrant and eye-catching, keeping you top of mind in San Antonio. Contact us today with all your wall graphic needs and get a free quote.

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