Yellow Vehicle Wraps for Advertising

Vehicle Wraps: Your Key to Long Term Success

With traditional advertising options like TV ads costing large amounts, vehicle wraps are becoming a popular option. Many small and mid-sized businesses far prefer the long-term ROI a vinyl wrap can deliver, compared to the fleeting value a TV ad or a radio spot.

Fleet wraps are much more than mobile billboards.  They help you generate greater value from your vehicles and build your brand’s presence locally at a price that you can afford. Find out why businesses rely on wraps to maximize the ROI of their marketing spend.

Advertising 24/7 (Without Massive Recurring Expenses).

Any time your vehicles are on the road, you can reach out to potential customers. This is an effective way to generate hundreds of impressions per day, just by getting your vehicles out on the road. For this reason, you must incorporate a call to action within the design of your wrap.

In essence, a San Antonio billboard should have the same impact, however, they can, but at a more costly price. Another advantage vehicle wraps have over static ads is that you can reach a diverse audience instead of the same set of people who frequent the area.

Targeting a Local Audience.

Many businesses have opened online stores after the pandemic, but the fact remains that about 85% of your customer base is located within 5 miles of your location.

Wraps allow you to engage with your local community with targeted messaging. As your vehicles make their way into other surrounding areas outside your local community, you are extending your brand’s reach and opening up new opportunities for potential business.

Minimizing Cost of Ownership.

Whereas a TV or magazine ad will run only as long as you pump advertising dollars into your campaign, car wraps keep delivering value long after the one-time cost of printing and installing your wrap.

Another benefit is less disruption for your team. Wraps can last years without costly maintenance, letting your team focus on other growth opportunities.

That said, the last thing you want to do is replace year-old wraps that have begun peeling or fading. Make sure you work with a reputed car wraps installer and get a warranty with your wraps. For instance, at Texas Best Signs, we only use high-quality vinyl bus wraps and van wraps from suppliers such as 3M and Avery.

Getting More Value Out of Your Commercial Vehicles.

The best part of wraps such as bus wraps is that they help you get more value from your assets. Typically, a vehicle will accumulate chips and scratches as it’s driven, lowering its resale value.

With fleet wraps, you’ll protect the original fragile paintwork from dust and debris. Wraps can even prevent minor dents. The original car’s bodywork is not exposed to the elements either, reducing the risk of rust.

In simple terms, you’ll get more of your money back when it comes time to sell your vehicle.

Long Term Success Starts with Long Term Partners.

Whether you’re looking for simple branding decals or a van wrap, we’re the team for you. At Texas Best Signs, you’ll work with an experienced team that will sit with you to design attractive wraps that will help you generate leads.

Book a free consultation to discuss vehicle wraps for your San Antonio business today.

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