Truck Wraps

Do you use work trucks for important business operations or as corporate vehicles? Make the most out of your trucks and harness their marketing potential by displaying custom truck wraps and graphics. This signage will showcase your brand, message, and business information and make impressions that matter.

Putting your branding on the road boosts its potential reach. You’ll be using your truck as a mobile billboard that virtually anybody can see in all its glory – passersby, motorists, anyone! When you have a fleet of branded work trucks that advertise your business, you will reach even more potential customers with your professional branding.
At Texas Best Signs in San Antonio, TX, we are a team of well-trained professionals who are well-versed in custom truck wraps for businesses. We work with state-of-the-art technology and use quality vinyl to produce all types of truck and trailer wraps, decals, and graphics.

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Which Types of Truck Wraps Are Available?

Every business has varied needs and differing messages. Your wrap needs to perfectly encapsulate this message for you while also helping you meet your business goals. Our custom truck graphic designers use their industry experience to design the best wraps, graphics, or magnets for your vehicle while providing support every step of the way.

Texas Best Signs specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of:

We also cater to various types of vehicles for all your business needs, from RVs to ATVs and even food truck wraps. We customize our design to fit the specific dimensions of all vehicle types, so you can look forward to a seamless finished look.

Make the Most of Your Vehicle Investment with Truck Wraps in San Antonio, TX

Vinyl truck wraps are more than mere aesthetics for your marketing. Our vinyl film is also incredibly durable, which makes it a great protective layer for your vehicle by shielding it from everyday wear and tear. Work vehicles are a significant investment, and you should do everything that you can to make sure that they last while looking their best.

To do this, your truck graphics must be installed properly. Our team of professionals uses the best installation practices to ensure that the finished product is durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Your Comprehensive Commercial Truck Wrap Manufacturer

If you’re looking for truck wraps “near me,” reach out to us. We’ll guide you through the process, from your initial consultation to wrap installation, including maintenance and wrap removal, when necessary. Our team delivers excellent service from day one, including offering support for the conceptualization of the truck wrap so that it is perfect for what you have in mind. We can also discuss with you the cost of truck wraps to ensure our solutions align with your budget.

Our primary goal is to surpass the expectations of our clients. That’s why our designers never hesitate to present limitless design options. We ensure that every client gets a unique wrap or graphic. Before heading straight to manufacturing, we understand our client’s goals and present solutions that we think will generate the best return on investment.

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Harness the most out of your vehicle investment, boost your marketing, and close more sales with beautifully made and excellently installed truck decals. Texas Best Signs will work you towards making those things happen with our range of vehicle wraps, graphics, and other business signage options.
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frequently asked questions

When a truck is wrapped, it means that the surface of the truck was covered with large vinyl adhesives. With truck wraps, you can cover the entire vehicle surface, or just a part of it, depending on the design you need. This can completely change the color and design of your truck.

The lifespan of truck wraps can vary depending on the type of vinyl used, maintenance, and upkeep. On average, it can last roughly five to seven years before seeing signs of wear and tear. Constantly exposing your wrap to direct sunlight can shorten its lifespan, along with improper washing techniques.

Trucks come in different shapes and sizes. This is one of the reasons the cost of truck wraps can vary. The type of vinyl material used and the complexity of the design can also add to the cost. To get an exact quote, it’s best to talk to your local sign maker.

There are plenty of reasons to choose truck wraps over paint. The turnaround time for truck wraps is far less than having them painted. Truck wraps are also generally more cost-effective, with high-quality wraps being more affordable than top-tier paint. Lastly, truck wraps are easier to change than having to repaint your vehicle.

Technically, you can wrap over rust. However, it won’t stay long and will jeopardize the quality of your truck wrap. This is why we don’t advise covering a rusty truck with vehicle wraps. A possible solution is having the rust removed and treated by professionals before applying truck wraps to your vehicle.

Generally, truck wraps can last around five to seven years, even longer with proper care. However, exposure to sunlight can shorten its lifespan. The sun’s UV rays can cause severe damage to your truck wrap over time. For instance, always parking under the sun is sure to deteriorate your wraps faster.

Truck wraps will fade in time. However, when this will happen highly depends on the quality of vinyl used to wrap your truck. High-quality vinyl will only experience fading when it reaches the end of its lifespan, especially if you choose one that is coated with an extra layer of UV protection.

There are plenty of benefits to wrapping any type of vehicle. One, it gives you plenty of visibility. Because vehicles move, your advertisement moves with it. This means it can reach places that not any static sign can. It’s a cost-effective way to advertise your business. Lastly, it protects your vehicle’s original paint.

Quoting a car wrap involves looking at the different elements that go into wrapping a vehicle. These elements include the quality of the vinyl, the size of your vehicle, the complexity of the design, and more. Since not all wraps are created equal, you will always expect a difference in the quote.

Here’s some of what you need to know before having your truck wrapped.

  • A poor paint job, scratches and dents, and rust can affect the finished product.
  • Prep before installation. Your truck must be clean, dust-free, and grease-free before installation.
  • You have to do regular maintenance to extend the wrap’s life.