Traffic Signs

Over 280 million vehicles are operating on roads in the entire US as of 2020. With this many vehicles on the road each day, traffic regulations are all the more important.

Traffic that is left unmanaged can cause a lot of inconvenience and risks. This is why it is important to have traffic signs to regulate traffic and help motorists drive safely.

At Texas Best Signs, we help you take road management seriously. We offer a variety of high-quality traffic signs in San Antonio. Our team can create road signs that provide essential information depending on your needs.

San Antonio Road Signs for Your Safety

Traffic signs are a range of signage that is used to:

These are signs that everyone must follow at all times or as indicated. Road signs are typically found on the ground or a pole along streets and highways in San Antonio. Ignoring these signs can result in a violation with penalties. 

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Types of San Antonio Traffic Signs

With the number of cars traveling each day, regulating traffic is no easy feat. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from to keep motorists informed while on the road.

Temporary Traffic Signs : These are multi-message traffic signs that help regulate traffic. These include directional signs, detour signs, and speed limit signs.

Regulatory Road Signs : These are traffic signs that provide information on public and local traffic regulations. These include pedestrian signs, one-way signs, and more.

Road Construction Signs : Drivers are made aware of ongoing road constructions through these signs. Construction signs provide cautionary information on road closures, merging lanes, and work in the shoulder ahead.

Swing Stand Signs : These are a great option when you are looking for short-term or temporary traffic signs. These signs are easy to assemble and transport to different sites when needed.

Warning Signs : These are signs that provide caution and tells drivers to slow down. This could be due to certain road hazards or conditions such as a sharp curve, a winding road, and more.

You can usually find these signs on the sides of the road with a yellow background and black print.

Traffic Safety Signs : These provide crucial reminders to motorists on the road. An example is a don’t text and drive sign, as well as reminders that they are in a school district or neighborhood with kids around.

Other Common Traffic Signage

Traffic signs also include street signs in San Antonio, Texas. These indicate the street name, which helps drivers find their way.

Parking signs in San Antonio also guide motorists where or where not to park in a certain area. These signs not only help direct people to designated parking spots. These also keep their vehicles safe, especially in prohibited parking spaces.

The Importance of Traffic Signs

Traffic and road signs are crucial for keeping both drivers and pedestrians safe in San Antonio. They display necessary information and caution to help the public be more aware of their surroundings.

Not sure about the traffic signs that you need for your construction site, neighborhood, or city? Sign experts at Texas Best Signs can help determine the type of sign that you need. We have a wide range of products and material options that make it easy to achieve road safety in your area.


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