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You’ve got a great property available; now you need a great sign.

Real estate signs offer an effective way to market available land, businesses, homes, or other real estate for sale. Texas Best Signs in San Antonio, TX makes high-quality real estate signs that are designed to boost your advertising to potential buyers and sellers.
The benefits of realtor signs include: 

There is no competition quite like the competition found in the real estate industry. Getting ahead of that competition is not an easy feat. Custom real estate signs that are visible to your target market and effective at converting them are a must. A trusted signage partner like Texas Best Signs can help in this regard.

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Which Types of Real Estate Signs Are Available?

The most popular signage solution for real estate agents is the yard sign, providing prospective buyers with all the information that they need regarding a property. This signage is critical to setting the tone for the potential sale. If you opt for a traditional handwritten sign bought from just any shop, chances are you are not going to go very far with impressing customers. Plus, without professional real estate sign post installation in San Antonio, TX, your signs may not stand up to their expectations.

A custom-made and installed sign from Texas Best Signs can boost the possible rewards from your signage. Our company creates custom signage solutions that are designed to your specifications.

Buying property is a big decision and an even bigger big investment. This is why customers want to work with someone whom they can trust. Your choice of signage can do a lot to establish that trustworthiness for your customers. Whether it is removable signage for upscale homes or bigger “land for sale” signs, we can help.

Your options for commercial real estate signs in San Antonio, TX include: 

Partner with a Trusted Realtor Sign Company in San Antonio, TX

Texas Best Signs in San Antonio, TX is your trusted full-service signage company. We’re ready to take on all your signage needs. As your local signage shop, we take care of everything involved in your signage projects. That means you won’t need to search for real estate sign installation in san Antonio, TX. We take care of it all so you can focus on selling.

Our process begins with a consultation. We will take note of all your anticipated uses of real estate signs and recommend the best possible solution. We also factor in the cost of real estate signs so that our solutions align with your budget.

We want your signage project to be perfect for you. Once you approve the plan, our fabrication team steps in to bring it to life. At this phase, we make sure to use quality materials and equipment to deliver durable signage solutions that are aesthetically pleasing. If there are any permits that need to be secured, we are also available to provide a helping hand. 

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If you’re looking for a real estate sign company “near me” that can deliver top-quality signage solutions, Texas Best Signs is the answer. We only want to deliver excellent, personalized service. Whether you need to commission one sign or more, we are your trusted partner.

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frequently asked questions

Legibility is crucial for an effective real estate sign. Viewers should be able to read the sign at first glance, especially from a moving vehicle. These signs should also contain relative information, like the agent/agency’s name and contact details. Lastly, it should have an effective call-to-action to generate valuable leads.

Hanging real estate signs are a popular choice among real estate agents. These have sign panels that hang from a post or frame, displaying important details to interested buyers. The sign panels are typically 24 x 18 inches, or 18 x 30 inches. Choose a height that won’t let the panels touch the ground.

Real estate signs have different names depending on the type of signage you choose. Most often, these are called yard signs, a-frame signs, post and panel signs, real estate banners, and more. These signs are perfect for outdoor use to attract the attention of people driving or walking by.

The construction of property signs depends on the type of sign you need. Property signs display various information, like the building addresses, entrance signs, safety, regulatory signs, and more. They are typically made using aluminum or coroplast signboards, printed with the required sign. They are usually mounted on the building walls.

Real estate for sale signs come in a variety of sizes. They are typically rectangular but are available in different shapes. The most common size is 18 inches tall by 24 inches wide. You can also get 12×18 inches and 24×36 inches. Choosing a size big enough to be readable is key.