Neon Signs

What is a Neon Sign?

Neon storefront signs have been a popular choice for business owners since the 1920s. They used to be made with glass tubes filled with neon or other gasses. This made it a brilliant yet pricey option.

Now, sign makers have found a way to get the same effect in a more affordable and energy-efficient way. By combining LEDs and acrylic, LED neon signs create the same neon look for a fraction of the cost.

Make sure you get superb results by choosing a trusted neon sign company in San Antonio. Texas Best Signs offers a variety of high-quality options that will make your business shine. Get a FREE consultation by giving us a call today!

Types of Neon Signs

The cost of neon signs usually depends on the type and design of your sign. Our team at Texas Best Signs is committed to working with San Antonio businesses. Our goal is to deliver the sign option that your business will benefit from the most.

Neon Infinity Boxes : These neon light signs mold neon tubing into your desired shape multiple times. This creates an infinite depth that catches the attention of your customers. It is perfect for restaurants, bars, and event spaces.

Neon on Print : This allows you to breathe new life into any design by attaching neon tubing to a print design. These neon wall lights are ideal for adding vibrant, eye-catching wall art into your interior space.

Neon Mirror Boxes : If you want a more minimalist look, these custom neon signs are a great choice. The design is engraved onto a mirror using a laser cutter. It gives your sign a simple yet stunning look.

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Uses of Neon Signs

Illuminated signs like neon signs can benefit your business through their many uses. Here are some ways you can use these signs in San Antonio:

Strengthen Branding : Custom neon signs in San Antonio are the perfect way to showcase your brand name and logo. Because these signs are illuminated, you are sure to catch the attention of people passing by. It is effective for reinforcing your brand and improving brand familiarity for your business.

Wayfinding : Instead of the typical wayfinding sign, light-up signs provide better visibility. This is a great way to help customers find their way in and around your space. Display directions more efficiently through neon signs.

Enhance Your Space : One of the best reasons to invest in LED signs in San Antonio is their look. It is a stunning and vibrant sign that is sure to improve any business space.

Office neon signs enable you to transform bare walls and storefronts. This can impress not only your customers but your employees as well.

Gain Leverage from the Competition : Setting yourself apart from competing businesses is crucial for success. The illumination of custom LED signs is the best way to gain a competitive advantage. This is especially helpful for businesses located in crowded malls or business complexes.

The more people notice your sign, the more they get to know your business. Building this familiarity is an excellent way to show customers why you are the top choice in San Antonio.

Your Trusted Neon Signs Maker in San Antonio, Texas

Exceptional signage needs the expertise of a professional neon sign company. Texas Best Signs delivers high-quality sign solutions for San Antonio businesses.

We offer signs of the best quality, made with top-of-the-line technology. This guarantees your neon wall signs stay vibrant and deliver optimum results for your business.

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