Custom Monument Signs for Business

Monument Signs: What Makes Them Effective?

Studies show that on-premise signs bring in 50% of new customers. On-premise signs make your business more visible to your target audience. Moreover, these signs help you create a positive impression of your San Antonio business.

Visibility and a positive impression are key elements in attracting valuable leads for your business. This is why it’s important to have an impressive on-premise sign, such as custom monument signs.

The Right Monument Signage for Your Business

Monument signs are freestanding signs located outside your business space. They sit at ground level making them highly visible to anyone driving or walking by. These signs usually contain your business name, logo, address, and the like.

These signs can be customized in a myriad of ways. As such, they are perfect for showcasing your brand or complementing your outdoor aesthetic. Monument sign companies can help you create designs that can make your sign stand out.

Aside from being versatile, let’s look at the other factors that make these signs effective.

Architectural monument signs are eye-catching

These signs are usually mounted on the ground, by sidewalks, road junctions, or entrances. These key locations make your signs visible to anyone passing by.

Apart from its location, the size and structure of these signs will impress anyone. They are usually built at a significant size. This makes monuments hard to miss.

They usually become a community landmark

Because of their size and their impressive designs, monument signage can become a community landmark.  This lets you generate valuable impressions when people use your sign as a location marker.

Even if customers aren’t directly looking for your business, this creates a unique opportunity to build brand awareness.

These signs provide a lot of customization options

Effective signs are ones that customers can remember even after leaving the site. Creating a memorable sign means making sure that they are different from the rest.

Since sign monuments are customizable, it is easy to design them in ways that they can stand out. For instance, electronic message boards can be attached to these signs. Aside from letting you display multiple messages, the lights from your sign keep your business visible even at night.

They improve your outdoor aesthetic

One way to make an impact on your target audience is by having a seamless aesthetic. Architectural monument signs complement your already existing outdoor design. In any case, it adds to the overall look and feel of your exteriors, making them more attractive.

Monument signs allow your business to leave a lasting impression on anyone passing by.

Your Trusted Monument Sign Company

Studies say that consistently displaying your brand all across different platforms increases your business’s revenue. Look forward to more customers and more business with consistent sign designs.

Texas Best Signs is your top choice when it comes to high-quality sign solutions in San Antonio. We help customers create eye-catching signs that make them stand out from the competition.

Let us help you grow your business today! Contact us and get a free consultation on your signage needs.

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