Dimensional Letters

What are dimensional sign letters? Sometimes called 3D letters, they’re text or shapes customized to produce depth and interest. This is a type of sign for which solid materials are molded, cast, fabricated, or cut to achieve your desired visual effect.
Is your business looking for a sign to achieve high visibility, longevity, and a professional look? Dimensional letters are an ideal choice.
At Texas Best Signs in San Antonio, TX, we believe these letters can help boost your brand recognition and will fit multiple goals and needs. There are many uses of dimensional letters, and they look great in different areas of an establishment.
If you want to increase your advertising reach, we can develop custom dimensional signs tailored to your business. We source quality materials for your signage needs that will last for many years.
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Which Types of Dimensional Letters Are Available?

Dimensional letters not only improve your business’s aesthetic they also set the mood for the customer’s experience.

There are many ways to utilize dimensional letters to boost your business. One example is to use them to enhance your logo inside your waiting rooms and lobbies. They can also be used as a directional sign to help guests and visitors easily navigate through your business.
Dimensional letters in San Antonio, TX, are not only limited to using letters. Your sign can also feature logos, numbers, and images. You may choose to only display a 3D building logo instead of your company name and other text. Our well-trained team can help evaluate your space and advise on the best mix and positioning for your dimensional letters.

Regardless of your choice, here are some of the common types of custom dimensional letters and materials: 

Partner with a Trusted Source for Dimensional Sign Letters in San Antonio, TX

If this is your first time investing in three-dimensional office signs, not to worry. Our well-trained team will take the time to outline how the signs can help boost your brand recognition. We can also help you to understand the cost of dimensional letters to ensure our solutions align with your budget.
Brand identity should be considered whenever you decide to use 3-dimensional letters. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to incorporate your brand into physical marketing assets, especially if you don’t have the experience. Texas Best Signs is here to help because our well-trained team is equipped with knowledge that will make the difference. We have the right team here in San Antonio, TX, to help you create ideal signage for your organization. 

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Texas Best Signs is a full-service provider of local signage with a team of well-trained staff, ensuring you can meet your business goals. We will be with you every step of the way so you don’t get lost in the process and can continue to focus on your business. There are many different options in helping your business grow through signage. Texas Best Signs can help you with the right graphics, materials, and style.
We’ll take care of every facet of the process for your signs — from design and fabrication to selecting materials that align with your budget and aesthetic. If you’re looking for a trusted local sign shop in San Antonio, TX, we look forward to welcoming you as our next client.

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frequently asked questions

Dimensional letter signage is a type of sign that makes your signage display pop. Unlike two-dimensional signs, they offer a level of depth that makes your sign visible at any angle. That level of depth makes these signs more eye-catching, whether you use them indoors or outdoors.

Three-dimensional letters are signage that shows the dimension of each letter or character. This type of graphic design makes the letters or words pop out. 3D letters are a fantastic sign solution for a variety of applications. They can be used for storefront signs, lobby signs, door signs, and various wall signage.

Dimensional letters can be installed in different ways. The easiest way is by using adhesives. However, this is only applicable to lighter signs like foam core. Other mounting options include the use of exposed or concealed fasteners, studs, or pads. Find out the best installation options by giving us a call today.

A dimensional logo is any type of logo made with three-dimensional elements. They can consist of dimensional letters customized using the same font style and graphics that are laser-cut to create your logo design. Dimensional logos are an easy and effective way to display your business logo around your space.

There are various ways you can put 3D letters on your wall. This starts with creating three-dimensional letters using your material of choice. This can include foam core, acrylic, metal, wood, and the like. Applying them to your wall requires that you use some type of adhesive, fasteners, stud mounts, or pads.

3-dimensional letters can be made in different ways. The technique required largely depends on the material you choose. The most common way is to create the design using computer software. Once final, it is sent to a computer-controlled router that accurately cuts the design. This applies to acrylic, metal, wood, and foam.

While metal is very durable and ideal for dimensional letters, it can be on the heavier side. As such, mounting these letters require a lot of care and precision. The most secure way to mount metal 3D letters is through mounting studs. This can be done using a flush mount, or stud spacers.

They say that the quality of your sign reflects the quality of your products and services. This is exactly why 3D signs are important. They let you have an impressive sign that can represent your business the right way. These raised letters literally pop out, making them more noticeable and creating the right impression.

3D letters can be installed on a building the same way they are installed on your indoor walls. The most common mounting option is stud mounting. We recommend leaving a gap between the letter and the surface. This allows rain and other residues to flow out and not collect on the letter surface.