Channel Letters

Businesses in San Antonio are always on the lookout for the best signs that can represent their business. This is important to get the attention of your target customer. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, installing channel letter signs can work to your advantage.

This is a popular choice for illuminated indoor or outdoor signs. They give you a professional look that elevates your business. Set yourself apart from the competition today with high-quality channel letters from Texas Best Signs.

What is a Channel Letter?

Channel letters are the top choice for business owners in San Antonio. These are highly customizable and can be made to match your exact brand logo.

Made typically of durable aluminum or acrylic, they last longer and require minimal upkeep. Each letter has an individual structure and its own illumination. This gives you a highly visible and eye-catching sign that is sure to establish your presence in your local market.

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Types of Channel Letters

Front-Lit Channel Letters : Also called standard-lit, these are the most common type of channel letters. These are illuminated from within using LED bulbs, lighting up the front of the sign.

These are made with aluminum sides and back along with an acrylic front-face.

Halo-Lit Channel Letters : These channel letters are lit from the back of the sign. Mounted away from the wall, this creates a “halo” or glow around the letters when lit. These are also called backlit, or reverse-lit LED channel letter signs.

Front-Lit/Reverse Channel Letters : This combines both front-lit and backlit channel letters. The letters are lit from within, with a glow around them. You can also choose different colors for the back and front lights, creating a more attractive signage effect.

Open-Faced Channel Letters : Similar to a standard channel letter but without the acrylic front face. This exposes the LED lights within, creating a neon effect. This is an attractive sign solution that makes your business hard to miss.

Uses of Channel Letters

Getting channel letters for your business can be a significant expense. However, the versatility of these signs makes the cost of channel letters worth it.

Here are ways to use channel letters in San Antonio:

Outdoor Business Sign: Storefront channel letters are one of the best choices for an outdoor sign. This gives your business identity and lets you stand out from the sea of competition.

Having channel letters outside your business space can get the attention of your customers even from a distance.

Indoor Signage : Custom channel letter signs let your business stand out in a crowded mall or business complex. These can be used as indoor storefront signs or impactful wall décor.

Lobby Sign : LED channel letters are the best way to impress your customers when they enter your business space. Used as a lobby sign, these help you make a memorable first impression on your customers.

Monument Sign : Custom channel letters can elevate your monument signs. This gives your sign a more attractive and stylish look that is hard to ignore. The light option also keeps your sign visible from day until night.

The Best Channel Letters “Near Me”

If you need high-quality sign solutions, trust a professional to do the job. Texas Best Signs is a channel letter sign manufacturer in San Antonio. We deliver top-notch signs, from channel letters to dimensional signs and more.

Our team makes sure that we work closely with our clients. This enables us to produce signs that best reflect your brand and business.

Let us help you stand out in San Antonio with impressive channel letter signage! Contact us today for a FREE consultation.