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Even if potential customers haven’t entered your establishment, they will likely already have an impression of your brand based on your building’s exterior. At Texas Best Signs in San Antonio, TX, we understand this scenario for businesses, and we can help you create a positive first impression with building signs.
If you have attractive signs for buildings, you’ll make an important first step to help set you apart from surrounding businesses. We can help create the right sign for you to attract more customers.
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Which Types of Building Signs Are Available?

Some business owners find it challenging and overwhelming to choose an exterior building sign. For starters, you may be wondering, “What are building signs?” and how will they help your business. At Texas Best Signs, we aim to keep the process simple and work with you throughout the process. We can help you understand the uses of building signs and how you can use them to stand out in San Antonio, TX. Since every business has unique needs, we will work with you to find the right custom sign based on your location, brand personality, and budget. Your business also has the option to customize your sign’s size, style, font, color, and placement. At Texas Best Signs, we can help make these decisions with you to achieve creative solutions for building signs in San Antonio, TX. Here are some of the custom building signs we offer:

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Wall Signs : Wall signs are one of the most common types of building signs for a good reason. We can customize a wall sign to complement your other signs and strengthen the brand identity you already have. We custom craft wall signs, so you know yours will be as unique as your business.

Channel Letters and Dimensional Letters​ : These signs can be customized to provide an attractive finish that lends professionalism to the exterior of your building. At Texas Best Signs, we work with clients to customize their building sign letters to match their brand and business. You can change everything from the colors, fonts, placement, and the text itself. Our well-trained design team will provide recommendations to ensure you receive an effective sign that will resonate with your target audience. 

Lighted Signs : A lighted building sign can be an effective branding strategy for your business to attract customers day and night. We offer various lighted sign options, including backlit dimensional letters, cabinet signs, illuminated channel letters, and even message boards and digital displays. LED signs are also an effective building sign designed to mimic the look of neon without the heavy cost associated with repairs and maintenance of neon. 

Projecting Signs, Hanging Signs, and Blade Signs : If you want interesting signs to help your business, we can make projected signs or hanging signs. We can also use blade signs mounted on your building facade. There are many ways to jazz up this kind of commercial building sign, such as using different materials like high-density urethane foam, wood, or metal. Some signs can even use a backlight.

Canopy and Awning Signs : If you need a sign to help identify your business while protecting your storefront, then awning signs are an ideal choice. They are usually made of canvas material, but if you need a different material, we have the right equipment to custom design your awning. Since they are installed outdoors, your awnings need to withstand any type of weather.

Partner with a Building Sign Maker in San Antonio, TX to Help Boost Your Business

To customize your building signs to fit your needs, we will work within your brand guidelines, utilizing your logos, fonts, and colors throughout your signage elements. We can also help you to understand the cost of building signs to ensure our solutions align with your budget.
We ensure to use quality materials to withstand the outdoors and elevate your business. With Texas Best Signs, you can create large, modern letters that you can see down the street or at night. 

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If you’re looking for building signs “near me,” look no further than Texas Best Signs in San Antonio, TX. As a local sign provider, our team is well-trained in making building signs that will showcase your brand identity while attracting more customers.
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