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Looking for address signs for your home or office? Texas Best Signs is your source for address signs in San Antonio, TX. We have standard, smart, quirky, and niche styles of address signs. We also offer the option for you to design your own. We are available to work with homeowners, condominiums, property managers, landlords, and business owners in San Antonio, TX, for personalized address plaques. We accept bulk and urgent signage orders. When you work with us, you can install signs yourself or have them professionally installed onsite. Call Texas Best Signs at +12102310286 to request a quote.

What is an Address Sign?

Address signs are used to display the address of a home or business prominently.
For commercial address signs, there are many pieces of information that you can include. For example, you may choose to display the street number, name of the building, and the name of the occupier. Indoor address signs, such as directories, door signs, and wayfinding signs, are used in larger buildings like condominiums, office buildings, and industrial buildings.
Today, signs do much more than just display the address. Some uses of address signs include: 

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Which Types of Address Signs are Available?

At Texas Best Signs, we have a large selection of standard signs and address plaques available. Simply send us your address details, and we will prepare your sign. We also offer the option for completely custom signs if you’re a business that would like to include your logo or other branding elements.
With a custom look, you can not only showcase your company but also create additional brand touchpoints within your business. The sky’s the limit when it comes to your signage design. Everything from the size, content, and colors is completely up to you.
Your options for address signs include: 

Don’t see what you’re looking for above? Our well-trained team can create completely personalized address plaques. Choose from a variety of materials for the ultimate look for your property. Signs are available in plastic, bronze, acrylic, or metal. Choose from LED, neon, and halogen lighting for your sign.
Talk to our team today and discover the world of customization options available for your signs. 

Partner with a Trusted Source for Custom Address Signs in San Antonio, TX

We use your brand guidelines, and business needs to create the right sign for you. Our business address signs can be custom-made to your specifications, allowing you to get exactly what you want and need for your business to be seen day and night.
Our process begins with a consultation. We will ask where you plan to mount your sign, how many signs you require, whether the signs need to be seen during the day or night, and more questions. We also take the time to discuss the cost of address signs with you so that we can ensure our solutions align with your budget. 

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Looking for quality address signs? Texas Best Signs is a trusted signage partner in San Antonio, TX. As a full-service signage company, we don’t just build address signs; we install them too.

Call Texas Best Signs at +12102310286 to request a quote. 

frequently asked questions

Address signs should be positioned in spaces that are highly visible from the road or street. They should always be installed at eye level, in the direction that faces the road. Also, it is recommended to put them in places where light can hit them, like under the streetlight, especially at night.

The size of address signs varies depending on where they are used. Residential areas like apartment complexes and condominiums as well as non-residential building address signs should be at least 6 inches.

There are many spots where you can put your new address signs. Just make sure they’re somewhere visible and not on your actual door.

Work with Texas Best Signs and we will assist in locating the prime location for your business’s address signs.

Address numbers can be hung or mounted in various locations. The goal is to make sure that they are visible from the street. Be sure that you place your address sign in a place with high visibility and lighting.

Address signs are available in different types and materials. As such, how you make these signs vary. For instance, dimensional address signs can be made from metal, acrylic, aluminum, and more. These are laser-cut and shaped into different letters and numbers. Other times, it can be printed directly onto acrylic sheets.