Top Notch Custom ADA Signs in San Antonio​

Successful businesses are more than just having great products or services. It is also how customers experience your San Antonio business.

Giving all types of customers a comfortable space can lead to a positive overall experience. One of the ways to do this is to increase the accessibility of your space. This is where ADA signs can help.

What is ADA Signage?

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, every business must have ADA-compliant signs within their establishment. These signs follow specific guidelines that enable people with disabilities to read and understand signage.

These signs are required for any public and permanent space inside your San Antonio business. For example, restrooms, elevators, and permanent rooms should have ADA signs.

Because these signs follow specific guidelines, it is crucial to choose a sign maker that will do it right. Texas Best Signs has a team that is well-versed in ADA regulations. Contact us today to learn more about ADA signage in San Antonio.

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Types of ADA Signs

  • ADA Braille Signs
    • These allow people with visual impairments to read the signs. Under ADA guidelines, signs in public places and permanent areas need to include braille. Also, grade 2 braille is used for these signs.
  • Wayfinding ADA Signs
    • These signs help people navigate your space freely and comfortably. This is through high-contrast signs, the right font size, and easy-to-understand text and graphics.
  • ADA Bathroom Signs
    • These signs help identify the restrooms inside your business space. They should include grade 2 braille, raised tactile letters, and universal pictograms.
  • ADA Door Signs
    • These are identification signs for the rooms within your business. Note that braille signs are required for all permanent rooms.

Uses of ADA Signs

Every business, regardless of industry, needs to follow ADA regulations. This ensures you follow the law. Having accessible signage lets you avoid any liabilities and penalties for violating the law.

More than following the law, these signs create a better experience for your customers. Custom ADA signs make people feel more confident about going around your business. This also ensures their comfort and safety.

As a result, customers have a more positive experience with your business. This is an excellent opportunity for you to build customer loyalty and increase your customer base. Your commitment to accessibility invites more customers to visit your San Antonio business.

Use ADA signs to enhance the customer experience in these areas:

Top-Notch ADA Signs Near You

Whether you need custom braille signs or wayfinding ADA signs, Texas Best Signs is here to help. We offer a wide range of ADA sign options for your various business needs.

We don’t just make sure that your signs are compliant with ADA regulations. Our team creates signs that enhance your space and boost your brand in San Antonio.

Want to know more about different material options, color schemes, and the cost of ADA signs? Contact us today to get a FREE consultation with our sign experts.