About Us

Who Are We? Meet the Hodde Family!


As a licensed CPA, he’s spent the majority of his career in multiple financial roles in corporate America for over 25 years.  It wasn’t until just recently, after serving as interim controller for a franchisor headquartered in a small-town mid-way between San Antonio and Houston, that he learned the power of small business.  It’s here that he experienced firsthand the taste of entrepreneurism, the same spirit that was needed to make Texas and the United States so great.

Also, inspired by his daughters, who both finished their undergraduate degrees, he re-committed himself to life-long learning and embarked on an MBA journey, which he completed in May 2020.  With the taste of entrepreneurism and newfound confidence gained from his MBA, he encouraged his wife of 27 years, Cristina, to take this journey with him.  He feels very fortunate that she continues to say yes, even after all of these years of marriage.  And thankfully, Cristina and his investment in their daughter, Jacqui, is providing a personal return since she decided to join them as well.

When not spending time with the sign business or his small CPA practice, he enjoys watching or reading military historical fiction and attending SAFC and UTSA Roadrunners football games with his son William.  All of this is about to change with the coming of his first grandson, thanks to his daughter Katie and her husband, Ryan.


Cristina has provided leadership and customer service in a variety of roles throughout her career.  She was a teacher for over 15 years and then served her church as a youth minister and most recently as Director of Religious Education.  This experience has given her the skills to manage projects and people as well as lead teams to provide the best experience for their clients; the students, and the families she and her team served. 

As VP of Administration and Operations of Texas Best Signs, Cristina aspires to ensure that each client receives a quality experience from start to finish.  Our clients are successful businesses that, because of their multi-faceted operations, allow us to bring them our knowledge and insight into their functional, marketing, and branding needs.

When Cristina is not busy at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband Bill and their children, Katie, Ryan, Jacqui, and William.  She loves cooking, reading, and exploring the many treasures San Antonio has to offer.  Visiting the wine country in the Fredericksburg area is her favorite pass time! 

Jacquelyn (Jacqui):

In May 2018, she graduated top 10% of her class from the University of the Incarnate Word, earning her Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Launching the start of her professional career, she was hired to be an Account Coordinator for the advertising agency, The Atkins Group, to manage work for clients; Visit San Antonio, Visit Plano, and Visit Huntington Beach. About a year later, she found out that she was accepted in a dual-degree master’s program, with a focus on International Marketing and Data Analytics’, at Hult International Business School in London. She placed her acceptance on hold due to COVID and other factors keeping her in Texas. After a year and a half of working at The Akins Group, she later transitioned into the role of a Marketing Expert at TaskUs Inc., educating small to medium size business owners all across Canada and the United States on how to build their very own social media marketing strategy and establish a monthly marketing budget.

With all of this fast knowledge and willingness to continue to learn, she knew that serving her parents and the community in the role of Vice President of Business Development at Texas Best Signs, LLC was going to be most fitting for her. Marc Anthony stated, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life, “and that couldn’t be more real for Jacqui.

If you can’t find her at the office, you can maybe find her at the gym, down at the RIM or Pearl with her friends, or at a dog park with her rescued schnauzer-mix, Benji! She loves spending time with her family (especially being a new aunt), actively serving her community, and traveling. She is also a Certified Tourism Ambassador and loves showing people all the cool places around San Antonio!

The Family

In addition to their role outside the home, Cristina and Bill have raised three beautiful children. Their oldest daughter and son-in-law, Katie and Ryan, are busy with their careers in nursing and teaching and are anxiously awaiting their first child!  Jacqui, their youngest daughter, has joined the family business, and their youngest, William, is currently a high school sophomore and avid golfer.

Our Vision

We can’t say it enough that being the best in Texas is not a statement of fact but a statement of aspiration.  We try to be the best at everything we do.  But being the best is purely subjective.  It’s in the eye of the beholder.  We’ll work hard to make sure this is the best sign-making encounter you’ll experience.  

At the heart of the business is family.  All of us—Cristina, Jacqui, and Bill—decided we wanted to do this together, that when you work for and with family, that no adversity is too great, that all challenges are enjoyable.  This is the kind of relationship we want to develop with our clients.  We want you to become a part of our family.  It’s in this spirit that we will do the best we can to help you be remembered.

Our Process

We provide a consultation process that allows clients to first and foremost build a direct one-on-one relationship with a member of the team. This process allows clients to understand that they come first. Their time and business are valuable to us, and through direct communication, we strategize to provide clients with the best products to match their needs.

Our Values
  1. Be honest. Stephen F. Austin was honest in his dealings to establish a new state autonomous from Coahuila. We should equally be honest and take ownership of our work, both with each other and our customers.
  2. Be committed. The Alamo Defenders were committed to the end, despite overwhelming odds.  Their commitment seemed to be in vain, but in reality, it inspired the heart and drive of those that followed.  We’re not asking you to work yourself to death, but we are asking you to commit to our vision and to your work.  Be all in.
  3. Surprise your customers. The success of the Alamo Defenders and Avengers was all about surprising their opponent.  Let’s be equally surprising.  Let’s deliver more to our customers than they expect.  Give them an unexpected reason to keep coming back.
  4. Be timely. Ben Milam initiated an attack on the Alamo promptly at 5:00 AM with a cannon shot.  At the same moment, the Texian army assaulted the town, capturing house by house, allowing the Texians cover to siege the Alamo leading to its ultimate surrender.  To sustain our commitment to one another and to our customers, we need to be as timely.
  5. Emphasize our strengths. Historians attribute the early success of the Texians to having better long rifles and more powerful gun powder.  We have the best-in-industry printing and laminating equipment.  Let’s use these to our best effect.
  6. Call for help. Despite the success of Texians, they never quit seeking the help they knew they would need.  Understanding that we are a part of an alliance much larger than ourselves let’s reach out to others for help when needed.  This is also true within our own team.