Custom Indoor Business Signage

8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Custom Indoor Business Sign

Are you looking to install a new sign or replace existing indoor signs? You need to read this guide before you finalize your decision. We’ll save you from choosing a sign that doesn’t serve your needs before you make an expensive mistake.

Here are eight questions you need to answer before finalizing your interior signage for your business.

What’s the Primary Purpose of Getting the Indoor Sign?

Falling into the trap of expecting a sign to do everything can lead to a confusing design and a compromised sign. Narrow down why you’re getting the sign. Is it for branding, advertising, or wayfinding? By narrowing down the purpose of your sign you can achieve maximum impact for your design. This will also help you answer several other questions, too.

Where Are You Going to Install It?

Not all signs are suitable everywhere; neither is all types of messaging. For instance, advertising signs are best installed close to entrances and checkouts, whereas wall graphics are more suited for office branding. Talk to your local signage company if you’re unsure where you should install your signs for maximum impact.

How Big Do You Want Your Sign to Be?

We constantly hear business owners respond with “As large as you can make it,” when this question is asked. But that’s really not how signage works. Too large of a sign, like an enormous lobby sign, can be off-putting for visitors, whereas if your sign is too small, people won’t notice it.

You need to find a size and style that’s legible and appealing. A best practice to implement when figuring out your sign’s size is to build a cardboard template to see how it’ll look where you intend to install it.

How Much Does it Cost?

If you have a budget in mind you need to stick to it. Signs such as floor graphics are inexpensive, but their cost can rack up if you order hundreds. Signs like lobby signs can cost thousands, making them a significant investment.

Don’t be shy about asking your signage company how much your project will cost to ensure you’re staying within budget.

Does it Fit in Your Branded Workspace?

It’s no longer okay to install just any sign at your business: you need to consider how it impacts your workspace. Signs, especially ones like wall graphics, have a significant impact on decor, and you want to make sure that they give the impression of a cohesively designed workplace.

Does it Cause Any Hazards?

It’s not unusual for poorly placed signs to become safety hazards. For example, installing floor graphics on an uneven surface will inevitably have them turning into tripping hazards.

Try to imagine what it’ll be like to use the space once the sign is installed. Don’t forget, some of your customers may have vision impairments or other disabilities.

Does it Comply with Building Bylaws or Accessibility Requirements?

San Antonio businesses that receive visitors at their establishment must have ADA signs at their location. Consider if a wall mural will cover other accessible signs, or if your new signage will require a corresponding ADA sign.

Most commercial buildings have bylaws about where signs can be installed. Make sure you apply for any city or building permits before installing signage.

Is Your Signage Partner Experienced?

An experienced, professional signage partner like Texas Best Signs can make getting indoor signs like entrance signs and wall murals in San Antonio completely hassle-free. We help customers design signs, identify cost-effective options, and optimize their messaging for maximum impact.

Book a free consultation to discuss signs for your business.

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